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How You Can
Support Vimarsha
this Giving 

Learn how to maximize your contribution
to the Vimarsha Vision

What is Giving Tuesday?

Vimarsha Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

As a registered nonprofit, Vimarsha Foundation qualifies as an eligible recipient for Giving Tuesday programs and initiatives. 

Giving Tuesday is a day of global giving to make an impact on nonprofits. Corporations offer 'Double Your Donation' and other Corporate Matching programs on this day.


This year, Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, November 29th

How do we take advantage of Giving Tuesday to make the biggest positive impact?
Avenue 1: Corporate Donation Doubling

Look into your company's corporate matching programs. Many corporations match donations to nonprofits on and around Giving Tuesday. Don't miss out on this opportunity if it is available to you.

Avenue 2: Facebook Giving Season Fundraiser Match

Visit our Facebook fundraiser to contribute in a recurring manner, or even to make a one-time contribution and share the fundraiser with others who may be able to make recurring donations.

Avenue 3: Show Support in Other Ways

If you are unable to donate through a corporate matching program or in a recurring capacity on Facebook, you are still welcome to make a one-time donationVisit our 'Donate' page

Even if you cannot contribute financially, you can make an impact by spreading the word about Vimarsha Foundation's vision and encouraging your community members to learn more and support our work.

Where will my donations go?

We are managed by a team of volunteers who are devoted to the vision of the Vimarsha Foundation. All your donations will go directly to Vimarsha Foundation's projects and initiatives. 

Your donations will help us...

  1. Continue to hold free courses taught by Acharya-ji, open to all who are interested, on classical Dharmic texts (shastras)

  2. Offer more scholarships for those who are not able to pay small fees to access past courses

  3. Expand our research by creating a center to assist scholars

  4. Grow our digital library and archive to disseminate Dharmic knowledge to many others

  5. ...and so much more!

Thank you for supporting our vision to teach and reflect on the ancient wisdom of ṛṣis and siddhas!
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