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Diversity Statement

The Vision of a Pluralistic World

Borrowing insights from classical Agamas and indigenous practices, the Vimarsha Foundation aspires to encapsulate the vision of a pluralistic world. With infinite intersecting paths and integral practices, the maṇḍala of the Vimarsha Foundation rests on the uniqueness and irreducibility of its constituent maṇḍalas. 


From the viewpoint of practice, the confluence of diverse methods and philosophies implies that recognizing and accepting differences is at the heart of Sarvāmnāya. From the viewpoint of society, the Vimarsha Foundation acknowledges the uniqueness of every language and culture and stands against all forms of cultural exclusivism.


The maṇḍala of the Vimarsha Foundation envisions the seat of śakti or power in the periphery constantly determining and negotiating the pure dynamism of the center. The Vimarsha Foundation therefore seeks to create a real dialogue wherein each person maintains individual differences while seeking a deeper understanding of and learning from each other. The foundational singularity of Śiva rests upon embracing and savoring the manifold.

Practicing Spirituality Within a Secular Society

Āchārya Sthaneshwar discusses the social impact and differences between haphazard syncretism and organic integration within spiritual traditions. He also provides some helpful guidelines to practitioners regarding how to support diversity by preserving originality.

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