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An Introduction to Śāradā Lipi

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8 Sessions via Zoom on Sundays at 8:00 AM PST beginning on January 14, 2024. Śāradā Lipi is a script prevalent between the 8th and 12th Centuries that was used for writing in both the Sanskrit and Kashmiri languages. It was widespread throughout the North Indian subcontinent and also has the distinction of being the native script of Kashmir. In this course you will learn the basic Śāradā characters, matras, and all conjuncts. The objective is to enable you to be capable of reading the manuscripts and fluently writing the Śāradā script. A single prerequisite is that all students should be well-versed in Devanāgari text. This course will be facilitated by Veronica Peer and Rakesh Koul, members of the Core Sharada Team, an organization dedicated to the revival of Śāradā script and the transliteration of critical manuscripts.

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