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Āyurveda Workshop

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The dialogue between Āyurveda and Mokṣa Dharma practitioners has existed since ancient times as it has always been necessary to maintain health for success in practice. In addition to obtaining the highest goal, Āyurveda offer methods to anchor spirituality in everyday life with a vision of integration of the physical body, senses, cognitive apparatus and soul. Dr. Abhijeet Saraf has made a vast comparative study of the commentaries on the Caraka Saṃhitā and possesses unique knowledge of the classical literature of Āyurveda. He will present the relationship between Āyurveda and spirituality that already existed in the ancient texts and teach us how to benefit from this knowledge as sādhakas today. This FREE course will consist of 4 lectures conducted via Zoom on Saturdays at 11:00 AM EDT beginning July 6, and continuing on July 13, 20, and August 3, 2024.

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Come and check our Forum for questions, comments and discussion about the lectures

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