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Newari Script and Manuscript Editing

Dec 18, 2022 - Mar 19, 2023

  • 92Days
  • 21Steps


There are millions of Sanskrit folios written in Newari script, many related to Tantric and early Agamic ritual and practice. This 8-Week Certificate Course will assist you in learning to read the original texts and contribute to the study and dissemination of these teachings that have been preserved for millennia. The course will consist of eight 1-hour lectures held once per week on Sundays at 8:00 AM PDT beginning on January 15th, 2023. All classes will be held online via Zoom. There are no prerequisites but the ability to read and write Devanagari is recommended. To obtain a certificate of completion, seven out of the eight live lecture sessions must be attended. A certificate will be e-mailed to you after successful completion of the program. The series will begin with a lecture by Dr. Diwakar Acharya of Oxford University about the urgency of learning Newari and the experience of working on a conservation project. This will be followed by a series of three lectures on elements of the Newari Alphabet and three Manuscript Practicum sessions by Dr. Ramhari Timalsina of Heidelberg University. The course will then end with a final lecture by Dr. Diwakar Acharya about the challenges a scholar faces when editing a manuscript. The course schedule, Zoom links, and recommended study materials are accessible below after registering for the course. If you did not meet the registration deadline, you may still participate by viewing class livestreams in our Facebook Group.

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