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Hindu Studies Lecture Series

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We live in a moment where vibrant conversations and discussions all around the world are engaging Indian cultural legacy, spirituality, and philosophy with contemporary issues of global relevance. Studies in Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism are currently experiencing an explosion of interest, both from academic and non-academic circles, generating important debates that tackle several challenges confronting humanity today: ecological crisis, gender inequality, social justice, truth, artificial intelligence, health, knowledge, etc. While there is also interest in Hindu Studies, there is still much to be done to engage Hindu thought and spirituality in these conversations. ​ As a way of contributing to the project of reviving ancient wisdom and philosophical traditions from India in light of the challenges that affect us today, this talk-series brings together speakers who will address various topics of contemporary relevance focusing on Hindu philosophical perspectives. Invited speakers have been selected on the basis of their respective areas of expertise and academic contributions. We are honored to bring the voices of rigorous scholarship in Hindu Studies to a wide audience that includes a substantial academic community of grateful appreciators.

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