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Foundational Śaivism

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This course consists of an Introduction to Foundational Śaiva Philosophy. Our teacher Śaivācārya Sthaneswar Timalsina is lecturing on Śivajñānabodha and Śivasūtra, two foundational texts of what are sometimes referred to as Southern and Northern Śaivism or Śaiva Siddhānta and Kashmir Śaivism. It is intended as an accessible introductory course that is open to everyone regardless of your background, level of training, or belief system. The course runs for 15 lectures. It begins with an Introductory Lecture on Śaiva Philosophy. Then Lectures 2-5 cover Śivajñānabodha and Lectures 6-15 cover Śivasūtra. The latter is comprised of 3 Lectures on Śāmbhavopāya, 2 on Śāktopāya, and 5 on Āṇavopāya.

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