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Introduction to Sarvāmnāya Tantra

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Sarvāmnāya, the “All-Transmissions” school, is a Krama tradition of Śaiva-Śākta Tantra that integrates all of the diverse streams of Āgamic revelation - deity forms, contemplative disciplines, and philosophies - into a single coherent and synthetic system of sequential initiation (krama). Sarvāmnāya does not constitute a formal organization. Instead it is a tradition of practice and approach to philosophy that has been handed down from teacher to student beginning in the XIIth Century but containing elements of much greater antiquity, some believed by modern scholars to be extinct, which have historically been kept alive in Nepal up to the present day. This is a self-paced course designed to serve as a gateway for those with no previous background in Tantric philosophy or practice by providing a general overview of the system and an avenue for the pursuit of initiation. It is comprised of four preliminary lectures concerning Śaiva and Śākta foundations and principal schools, the integration of different darśanas, and the qualifications of the aspirant. This is followed by introductory instruction on basic practices of posture, breathing, meditation, and visualization. Guidelines are then provided for a process of formally requesting initiation. A private forum provides access to qualified mentors capable of answering basic questions and the ability to begin creating bonds of fellowship with other aspirants for support and encouragement on your journey. This course includes: 8 video sessions with English, Portuguese, Spanish and Croatian subtiles: Introduction to the Tradition 1. Śaiva and Śākta Foundations 2. Primary Śaiva and Śākta Schools 3. Integration of Different Darśanas in Sarvāmnāya 4. A Few Tips to Ground Your Practice Introduction to Practice 5. First steps towards practicing Sarvāmnāya 6. Prāṇāyāma practice 7. Bhūtaśuddhi Meditation practice 8. Mātr̥kā Visualization practice Guide to dīkṣā (initiation)

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Introduction to Sarvāmnāya Tantra, Free

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