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Ācārya Sthaneshwar Timalsina's course on the Tripurārahasya HIGHLIGHTS 1. This course addresses selected verses from the text and not the text in its entirety. 2. Topics for the discourse are arranged in a gradual, progressive order. Keeping in mind the highest experience that the text brings to light, the course is designed in reverse so that Sādhakas can reach to the highest experience. 3. The course is not a substitute for the book. It rather is a key to facilitate the practitioner being able to dive deep into the heart of the mysteries of Tripurā. SECTIONS AND LECTURES The course on Tripurarahasya has three sections. At the end of each section, we will spend one session hour openly discussing all the issues addressed in the section. Section 1. Foundation (Bhūmikā) Lectures: 1. Introduction to Tripurā Yoga 2. Stages of Tripura Yoga 3. Rational Inquiry (Tarka) 4. Stages of Consciousness (Avasthā) 5. Transcending the Mind (Amanaska) 6. Open Q/A from all members Section 2. Meditation (Bhāvanā) Lectures: 1. Visualization 2. Deity Yoga I 3. Deity Yoga II 4. Dream Yoga 5. Philosophy of Rituals (Arcā) 6. Open Q/A from all members Section 3. Realization (Bodha) Lectures: 1. Mirror Yoga (Pratibimbayoga) 2. Freedom (Svātantrya) 3. Fullness (Pūrṇatā) I 4. Fullness (Pūrṇatā) II 5. Open Q/A from all members

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