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Yoga Vāsiṣṭha

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In this course Ācārya Sthaneshwar Timalsina's is leading you to deeply dive into Yoga Vāsiṣṭha text. The book that lived through many composers, many authors who kept revising, adding, removing, sections, verses one after the other. In his own words; "Welcome my friends. Welcome to the dream of Vasiṣṭha. And how do I like you to read this book? Or use this moment of our being together? This conversation is not yet another assignment task. But is a being moment. Just a moment for you to be yourself. if you’d like to memorize 32,000 verses from the Yogavāsiṣṭha - that would be amazing. But if you get into even a couple verses, and take it deep to your heart, I think that would be more meaningful for you than to memorize every word of the book and fail to understand the meaning. it’s just reflection time. And more than how many words or verses that we can capture, it's about how deep we can take some of these teachings. In the Hindu tradition, we have Śruti, e.g. the Vedas, the Smṛti, and the Purāṇas. Traditionally speaking, Yogavāsiṣṭha has a status of a Smṛti, which means memory. So this book should be about memory. But if you start the book, even the first chapter of discussion starts with forgetting. The book is also called the Mahā Rāmāyaṇa. This is the story of Rāma." What is inside? 12 sessions, 16 hours of video lectures, 6 lectures: Lecture 1 - Introduction to Yogavāsiṣṭha / myself, structure of the text. Lecture 2 - Dispassion and Conducts Lecture 3 - Narratives and Philosophies from the section on Origination. Lecture 4 - Discourses on Duration Lecture 5 - Discourses on Dissolution Lecture 6 - Discourses on Liberation

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